CINEMA 2.0 at ifva aspires to push the cinematic form in order to explore its new creative frontiers. This year’s “CINEMA 2.0: The Phantom Machine” will focus on cinema’s unique role as a practical archival medium and a symbolic time machine. The exhibition will feature four innovative works that use sound, sight, smell and more in bringing about reflections on the intertwining relationships among media technology, history and temporality.

When happenings come at a speed that human memory can no longer grasp and retain, we human beings have developed phonography, photography and cinema to record and represent what once happened. Cinema resembles a time machine that captures and crystalises a certain moment, or even allows the viewer to go back to the past. The four artworks in the exhibition, possessing certain cinematic qualities, resist the passage of time each in its own way like cinema.

Curator: Ip Yuk-yiu

Featured Artists:
Verena Friedrich (Germany)
Polymorf (The Netherlands)
Phil Solomon (United States)